Notice Of Legal Proceedings

Notice Of Legal Proceedings

Walleys Quarry Ltd fully respects the rights of individuals to protest peacefully. However, no-one should have the right to intimidate staff or managers, prevent our workforce from carrying out their jobs or attempt to hinder or close down our business.

Therefore, in the light of planned future protests around our business, our lawyers have written to a number of potential protestors setting out the legal limits of their rights to protest. Their letters have reminded individuals involved in previous protests of the legitimate rights of our business and our staff, towards whom we have a duty of care.

Walleys Quarry Ltd operates under strict regulatory and legal guidelines, that are enforceable by law. We expect those who seek to disrupt its operation to respect the right of our staff to go about their jobs peaceably and without fear of reprisals.”

As a further necessary step to protect the rights of our business and to fulfil our obligations towards our staff, we have also issued the legal proceedings in the High Court in London to ensure that future protests remain within the law. Details of the court hearing relating to these proceedings will be published on this webpage. A copy of the legal proceedings is available to view, click below.

25.11.2021 A hearing is listed to take place at 2pm today.

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