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Condition 2

Condition 2 states that the landfilling of non-hazardous waste and stable non-reactive hazardous wastes shall cease no later than 31st December 2026 and thereafter landfilling shall continue only with inert waste, such that the Site is restored no later than 21st February 2042.  

Landfill height

In September 2020 is when the height of the landfill became visible above ground level, becoming visible to the local eye.  

Lafarge Aggregates merged

In October 2016 Lafarge Aggregates merged with Tarmac and Lafarge Tarmac subsequently sold the site to the current owners who commenced landfill operations in November 2016. 

Gas management

Gas management was introduced in 2010.  The landfill gas power generation capabilities totalling 2MW. 

Persimmon Homes (Mercia) Ltd

In the period 2000 to 2005 Persimmon Homes (Mercia) Ltd sought planning permission to develop land immediately adjacent to the landfill, for over 280 residences.  


January 2007 was when waste was first introduced.  

Engineering work

In 2006 engineering work to develop the site as a landfill facility commenced by Tarmac who applied for planning permission.